About Me

My name is Vicki, however I like to be called Vi. Both of my grandmothers names were Vi… one was Vida and the other was Viola. I thought it would be nice to share in the family name too.

I have many hobbies and a passion for being creative… even if I’m the only one who thinks so. (insert giggle here) My biggest passion is anything textile. I LOVE to crochet, felt, sew and have other hobbies such as riding my motorcycle, my girls (dogs), gardening, cooking, scrap booking, travel and meeting new people.

I have moved to Arizona and just LOVE the outdoors and warm weather here. My girls (dogs) also love having their own yard to guard and play in! Hope you enjoy the photos of us playing and enjoying life.


So please send me an email if you have any questions, creativethreadzetsyshop@gmail.com

One thought on “About Me

  1. You are an AMAZINGLY Creative Lady Vicki!!! WOW!!! Your work is beautiful and so unique, one of a kind really 🙂 Is there anything you do not like to do? Ha ha. I need to interview you on my radio show! What do you say?


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