it all started with…

I really love being in my home. It’s a passion, comfort zone and I want it to be a sanctuary, my place to be safe, happy and in love with. So here’s what I’ve been working on.

Round one. It’s all started with a plastic tub and my table top water fountain I found in a box.

If you know me at all, you know my love for my girls. They are spoiled, but not rotten.

girlsI’ve had this glass bowl for their drinking water. They are so big I have to refill it at least two times a day. I’m lazy and so have been looking for something bigger. Here’s where the plastic tub comes in and the creative juices started flowing…kinda like my fountain. The girls LOVE running water, not sure… but probably the lab in them. The tub holds about 5 gallons-ish of water, but didn’t look pretty. I also needed an area to bring my plants into for the winter and so one thing lead to another and here is what I came up with.

Luckily I let the fountain sit in the water over night, because the next day there was floating pieces in the water. It’s the bowl crumbling, not made to sit in water. The whole thing is a unit so out it came and is sitting on my counter now.

We had enjoyed the water sound during the night and the girls loved drinking from the tub right away. So this idea couldn’t get stopped…NO! After research and thinking about it, I went out and bought a fish tank pump to recycle the water and it also keeps it smelling fresh and healthier for them. I added the gravel and a grow light over the top, those came from my garage. I was so excited after setting it up and the girls still loved it, I ran back to the garage and started digging into my garden boxes. I picked out all the stuff I LOVE and boxed up the rest for donation…2 boxes down and out with no hesitation. I brought in my few plants I’ve had on my patio to make sure everything fits and it’s just beautiful. We now have in indoor pond I call, the watering hole.

All this is arranged on the floor under the counter. It fits perfectly so no one will trip, it’s out of the way, BUT kind of in the center of the house. For me being an air sign, the sound of running water really relaxes and comforts me and the girls just love it. I’ve noticed a lot more potty breaks are needed, LOL. I add about a gallon of water a night before going to bed and all is well in the world.

Round two

While working on the pond I started looking around my apartment and decided it’s not exactly what I want. It’s not fully me yet. With my new life style I am trying to adopt fresh and raw foods twice a day. In the evening I’ll have a cooked meal. So that meant I needed a counter top herb garden right! I’ve been playing with sprouting and dehydrating and it was as simple as hanging my grow light under the cabinet, some old garden items that I LOVE, arranging a few plants and planting some seeds. Here’s what I have now.


I am trying to use my most beloved things and donate what I’m not using anymore. I don’t want the clutter and memories of it anymore. I am new! Now this is where my Mom might have a cringe, but remember Mom…these are the things I love. Use it or donate it. I am making my home a home. One that makes me feel more than good.

First thing I did was lay down a door mat that I’ve never used. I love it though cause it says “live, love and laugh” on it. Three things I love to do. It will help protect the counter and although you can’t see the writing anymore, I know it’s there and bringing positive energy for my herbs.


Second thing I did was to find a “pot” for my herbs. I’m starting with seeds I had, if they don’t grow I’ll get some plants later. ANYWAY…I have this stack of glass bowls. I am a dish collector like my grandmother and mother. A lot of the dishes I have are from them (makes it hard to “donate), including this Princess House bowl…my mother may be having a heart attack now.  This is the one bowl I can’t let go of. I’ve had it since I was young…like in my teens. My grandmother and mother started collecting Princess House for me and I still have some awesome pieces. However, I’ve actually only used this a couple times. Usually a huge holiday dinner, which I don’t see me having for a long time…so, use it or donate it. It is now my herb bowl which sits on a lazy suzan. Easy to spin! This makes me happy and it’s really beautiful! The tiny glasses behind are some fun glasses I’ve always loved and now growing avocados for me. We’ll give my Mom a minute to catch her breath.



So now I’ve added my sprouting dish (it’s under the dome) my wheat grass, which I need to get a new one because this one is pretty used up now, orchids (one of my fav flowers) and arranged everything to make sure it all fits nicely in the space.


All my plants were brought with me, ones I couldn’t leave behind for one reason or another. My chickadees are from my friend Anni, my christmas cactus blooms so beautiful and was huge. I still have my plumeria on the porch cause she’s just going crazy with blooms. I put my ti plant by the pond. I use it to make Hawaiian food for my boys at the holidays. These were plants that I couldn’t live without and prayed the snippets I took from the main plants would survive…they did and are doing so well. They are here to remind me I’m going to be ok.


I’ve hung some fun garden items to make it fun. It’s gotta be fun! You can see my dehydrator sure gets lots of action and just off to it’s side is my vita mix that also gets lots of action making my smoothies and now I’m learning soups. This is my happy, healthy counter. I LOVE this space. It makes me smile.

My girlfriend Gina runs a fun web site on up-cycling/recycling everyday items. I get a lot of great ideas and it’s fun sharing back and forth on her Facebook group. If you like to see what she does go to GinaZee.

Here is one of my projects I shared. During this sanctuary set up, I found an old container with candy sprinkles in it. I won’t be making cookies like that anymore and wanted a better way for my spices. Here is a simple up-cycle/recycle.

Basically I added some paper around the top…funny is about cupcakes. Wrote the spice name on top, and it now sits on the back of my stove. There are some really healthy spices out there and so I actually need another because I am a spice lover and this is just so handy. I have at least 6 more spices I would love to just grab and use.

I’ve asked Gina how I can get rid of all these belongings without dying inside and basically she said, love it or bless it to someone else. This project is really helping me in more ways than just getting my house the way I want it. It’s helping me grow, helping me part with cherished items of the past and giving me a chance to bless others, come out of some dark pain, and basically healing me from the inside out. This is my healing adventure. I’m far from done and I know this will take a couple more months and today… I’m ok with that.

Ah, the sound of the pond, deep breath and off for round three. I will get back to my office/art space. Hope you enjoyed the post. Usually they aren’t this long, but obviously I had a lot more to say, :) Here’s to our health, happiness and use it or donate it and recycle everything you can. Until next time, do something creative every day!

Site News and updates


First bit of news is… if you look over to your right, under “follow me” I have two new links. I am linking to the site photos and over time it will be fun to see all the beautiful things that come through the site. It’s set up now as a slide show. I will probably change that later as the photos grow. I plan on getting back to my site now, lots of things to do, lots of things to see and LOTS of things to share. I will be taking things slow, not like last time.

Second bit of news, under the photos link you will see a “Creative Vi Videos”. This link gives me so much joy, I just can’t tell you how happy I was to find these videos. These are all the videos I had on my web site last year before the big crash. My heart sings that they are not lost. I hope to start adding to them again. I have some fun ideas and adventures to share in the future. So with that said I’m going to share one of my most favorite of all times…I just LOVE this little girl. Destiny, take it away…

If you like what you see, please comment.

Feeling red…short and sweet

I am not sure if I feel red because another job interview went wrong or I am just really liking red today? No matter, I’ve had fun creating some red and feeling better about life now.

I started with an easy dye bath of red dye. After I soak my silk scarf in some vinegar water, I lay it nicely into the dye bath and try to get all the air bubbles out. I put it in the microwave for about 4 minutes, bring it out and turn my fabric. I am hoping this will create a better and more even dying on the fabric and not have light splotches. That will come later. I returned the container back to the microwave for another 4 minutes. When done, I took it out and set it aside to let it cool down for a while. BUT, being me…I couldn’t wait or stop there. So I removed the scarf and placed it in a glass jar to finish cooling and put in my next victim…I mean scarf. :) While that was in the microwave I decided I wanted an orange one too…might as well, right? I don’t think I mixed in enough yellow or maybe the red was still to strong because I got this bright red instead, pretty though.

Looks like I will need more practice mixing and making my colors and think I might go get me a few yards of practice silk at the fabric store to play with. I’m still trying to decide which type of dye I like best and what method of dying I like best AND well, you KNOW I’m having fun playing.

Where’s my next victim…I MEAN SCARF!

Spring in Everett WA

I am so happy to be back by the ocean. Some days I can’t believe I spent so much time away from it. It’s my place on good days, bad days and everything in between. I can walk and talk with God. I come home comforted and at peace. I love to watch my girls run and play…they think it’s all about them, LOL. It is a great way to burn their energy for sure.

This is a digital page I made for an online art class I’m taking. I was trying to do some fiber work that didn’t work out…that sometimes happens in the art world. I won’t elaborate because I do plan on trying it again, it’s a great idea and I will share it later.


Happy Summer!

I have been settling into my new home. It’s looking good, comfortable and livable. The girls (2 lab mix dogs) and I have scouted out the best parks, beaches and places to run and have fun. We have 4 favorite and 2 more to explore. Our plan (goal) is to do a hiking trip or two by the end of the Summer. We have been meeting new people and really loving our new home.

Our weather is just beautiful lately and they opened our pool up. I live in the building right across from the pool and everyday between 4-6 the families walk by excited and chattering about their day. I hear laughter and splashing and the sounds of joy the children are having with their parents. I am loving the sound of Summer. Play…it’s a really good thing.

I discovered the farmers market down by the marina this past weekend. The smell of the ocean, sea gulls flying around, lines hitting up against the masts of the sailboats and the light breeze was so comforting. I grew up around marinas because of my parents love of sailing. I know I appreciate those times and memories much more now…yes, because of my age. Here is one of my beautiful purchases…lovely, lovely bouquet. They sit on my counter behind the sink…ahhh, beautiful.

I am interviewing for jobs, learning to balance life and certainly enjoying it. Good things keep happening and I got into my class through (in) I’ve also joined my first ever book club called Bloom, through (in) I ordered my book and looking forward to getting it. I’m not a good reader, noisy brain keeps me from understanding. BUT, practice WILL win this time! The book is, Pursue the Intentional Life, by Jean Fleming and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Life is so full at the moment! I need to sit quietly for a while so I can hear what’s next? Or maybe just rest to get back on track.

I’m here in WA!

Knock on my door!

Knock on my door!

I’m settling in and the girls and I LOVE it here! It’s beautiful and so many things to do and see. We are getting used to the apartment living now, still getting organized and trying to decide which photos go up on the walls. The kitchen was the first thing set up and running…gotta eat right? I got my new bed last weekend and so the bedroom is looking much better and sleep…oh to sleep so well

girls favorite pond Driftwood bed sweet bed

I also am in the beginning stages of getting my art areas set up. I have limited space and so I need to get VERY creative, lots of challenging ideas to play with. I will need to keep most stuff downstairs in the garage and bring up what I’m working on into the apartment. Maybe during the summer it will be nice to sit in the garage, it’s much cooler down there and the girls like laying on the concrete floor. I have a huge table to work on upstairs and making my china cabinet my fiber/yarn cabinet…oh, it’s so nice. I’m thinking about the hall closet and how that MIGHT become my sewing center OR maybe my scrapbook area, we’ll see which one wins.

Right now I’m working on a shawl for my sister/friend in Japan. It’s her birthday in May and I’m working hard to get it finished in time. I have about a 1/4 of it done and it’s looking really good. I  am working with a sock yarn and it’s much thinner than I’m used to. Also a smaller hook…so it’s not growing as fast as I would like….but it’s sure pretty. So soft and bright. Only reason I mention it, she already knows, LOL.

Satoe shawl

Satoe Shawl

This weekend is my second time meeting up with my new yarn group “In Between Stitches”. They are a great group of women, maybe even a husband joining us this weekend. Even though for the most part it’s all about yarn, I’ve seen beads and other crafts going on. I am so looking forward to meeting up again, so many laughs, encouragement and help if it’s needed.

I’ve joined an online group that is helping me with my motivation to get back to my blog/web site again. It been so long and I’ve really missed this outlet. After the web site crashed I threw up my hands and pouted. Then life took another turn, divorce and moving 1700 miles across the country. So it’s time to get back to my passion and love of EVERYTHING fiber, which includes paper!

So if you are still out there put a comment below and let me know how you are doing? Would love to know how many are still out there.

Who is ready for a New YEAR?!!!

Usually by now I already have my list of goals for the year, my calendar all freshened up, my word picked out and excited about the coming year. This year has started slow. So with a little help from my Mom, she sent a cute ecard yesterday with some ideas for my goals. I’ve coped a few from that card and added a few of my own and so I at least have that much done. I have picked my word too. This year it is Trust. With all I have to look forward to, it just seems the right word to focus on. I still need to freshen up my calendar with birthdays.

My first word was Believe and it opened up a beautiful faith for me. Certainly more than I expected or thought about when the word came to me. Oh how I enjoyed following that word for a year, and it’s still my favorite. It haunted me for a couple months at the end of 2011. So when I discovered a class from Ali Edwards about a word for the year, I just knew I had to take that class and so glad I did. Last year I thought my word was Celebrate and actually played with it until July. I had a celebration tree I redecorated every month, now it still sits in July mode, dusty and sad. Read below for the reason why. Otherwise skip to the last paragraph and my list.

This year will be different for me, all adventure. I have been going through a divorce and the marriage will be finished sometime end of Feb. I have told family and a few friends, but this is the first time I have said anything public. I will be moving across the country from Wisconsin to Washington State sometime beginning of March. I have moved a lot in my life, military (Navy) at the age of 19 and lifestyle until early 30’s. So the move isn’t anything I haven’t done before, just not alone. I’m not worried, actually excited about the move. I have been doing tons of research and will enjoy everything coming my way.

It’s funny now, but when my old site crashed I was only into the divorce by a week. My life seemed devastating at the time. With time off of my creative world (which I MISS more than I can stand somedays), I have had time to put things in prospective, get things packed up, donated and ready to move on and it will be a BIG move for sure. So not to bore you with the details here’s my list for the new year in no particular order to be acheived.

Happy New Year to all and I hope to blog a little more and move my site back into life. I won’t be setting up regular ramblings like before, but hope you find life, fun and laughter with me over the next year. I would love to hear from you so comment below or email me at

  1. Move to Washington State
  2. Exercise and Healthy diet
  3. Accept new challenges
  4. Have some adventures
  5. Be different, be yourself
  6. Refresh your ideas
  7. Learn a new language
  8. Enjoy nature
  9. Make new friends
  10. Learn new things
  11. Live strong emotions
  12. Reconcile with life and people
  13. Renew your wardrobe
  14. Be curious and have self initative
  15. Laugh and smile with life
  16. Sing with your heart and dance!
  17. Take a bath
  18. Joke with your friends and stay connected
  19. Relax and enjoy after a hard days work
  20. Create the secret garden
  21. Get a job
  22. Volunteer
  23. Be grateful
  24. Let go and TRUST