New pretties

I’ve been working on a few items and still have several more in progress. Some buttons, stitches or just drying. Fall is my favorite time of year and it shows in my motivation to make pretty things. Here is some of my process. I feel like a scientist sometimes, LOL. That makes me sound smart too, LOL.

Click on the photo for a larger view.

Just a couple items that are finished. The crochet is actually done in the last two years. Warm, light weight and pretty. I’m thinking of sending in these pics and adding the others when done, hopefully by end of this weekend to get juried for the artist co op. Fingers crossed! If not, I’ll put them in my online shop. Feel free to comment below and ask any questions.

WOW! Almost the holidays already!!!

Once again I wandered off, living life. The girls and I have discovered so many beautiful places here in Washington to play, hike and swim. We just love it here.

My mind has been on my shop and web site lately, so renewed for another year and lets see what I can come up with. In the meantime, enjoy life and I will be back more regularly.IMG_1728 IMG_1733

Month of LOVE…

So it’s February already…and Valentines day. I’ve been doing the things I love and a few things I don’t, LOL, but they tell me that’s being an adult.

I’d like to share a couple items I’ve been working on this month. Because I don’t have enough to do…insert hiccup here…I’ve decided to make monthly welcome sign for my front door. I have found that the wood or metal ones I usually have bang in the wind and drive the girls crazy because they think someone is knocking on the door. I don’t like driving my girls crazy…which drives me crazy, so I thought by making a new softer sign to match Tyler would be a great way to practice on stitches, felting and other techniques. Here is Tyler, our new door sign and what I learned.

Tyler comes from my Avon selling days. I think he is so cute. He comes dressed in warm winter clothes and I like to decorate him and he stands on the front porch, welcoming the neighbors home from work or coming to our door. I’ve actually had neighbors tell me how fun they think my front porch is and now they know I redo it every month…they look forward to seeing what’s next. This month of course he’s already to find his Valentine. I was hoping to find candy or flowers there this morning…LOL. No such luck.

Here is the door sign. I have a “welcome” that I will add to future signs, but it still needs to be painted and figure out how to hang it from the rod so every time I change the sign, it fits right. I am also thinking I will paint the dowel rod a dark brown. So there is more work fun and planning to be done.

I am trying to master my felt making into more even in thickness. I did really good with this one. I have a couple wrinkles, but will work on that. I added the hearts in the same way I would add an appliqué, during the felting process. I pre felted them slightly. I  used a cookie cutter for the shaping and hand felted with needles just enough to keep it’s shape and just enough for it to work into the felt background. They are nice and thick, with texture to give it a little pop. One heart has gold tinsel to add some bling to it. We LOVE bling.

Inside the house I have my celebration tree decorated and my swan filled with flowers. They add just enough decor to the house to keep it fun.

Here is a new hat. Remember my last one…OMGosh it was so hot to wear. Seriously I think I loose 10 pounds in sweat! every time I wear it. So this one is much lighter and even has some holes in it. You can’t really see them. I’m hoping this will help with the heat problem, however, I’m not sure the shape will hold up. So I’m still trying to figure that out. Reminds of something you would see at Hogwarts, LOL. But this is one of those items right now that “practice makes perfect” and someday I will have a nice hat.

I use merino roving in greenish blue with stripes purple. The green matches my jacket and of course I LOVE purple. I sprinkled in some silk roving…just love the way the felt itself turned out. The hat will take some getting used to.

So those are my creative adventures so far this month. I’m still working on my purse. The felt fabric I made for it is really thick so it’s been giving me a little trouble. I’m stubborn though and will figure something out. What has your creative adventures been lately? Do share. Remember you can always click on the photos to see a larger view.

Catching up

You can click on the photos below to get a better view.

Isn’t amazing at how time flies? I’ve been working on settling into my new home and feeling very comfortable and happy. I have been working for a temp agency to learn the area and build my resume and think I’m ready for a permanent job now. Fingers crossed the new year will put something in my lap.

The girls and I have been soaking up the lifestyle here…beach, mountains and TONS of walks and hikes. We are blessed to live within a small radius of 4 different dogs parks which we depended on at first, now only use them when we need a quick fix. The girls are VERY spoiled and deserve every bit of the spoiling.

With the job hunting we’ve been walking the local neighborhoods and making a list of companies to apply at…two birds as they say. It’s really giving the girls a workout (me too) because we do a lot of training. They are getting so good and LOTS of compliments from the people walking by. Makes a mama proud.

We do walk in the rain, LOL…not as much rain here as people want you to believe. Seen below is two parks we like and then me all wet on a REAL rain day. The photos of Summer in her favorite water hole in what we call cheater park. It’s down the street and see that hill…yep, when mama is lazy we go to cheater park and I throw the ball up that hill to run Summer. Randi loves to wander in those woods in the background. Everyone is happy. The other park is a long trail off to the side of a railroad track. The other side a beautiful brook that makes the most beautiful sound. This is actually our comfort hiking area. When things are tough…we go here for the spirit lift.

I’ve been filling my spare time with improving my felting and crocheting techniques. I’ve met a great group of women that meet every Wednesday at the local library and we work our yarn for about 3 hours, tons of laughs and help when I need it.

Here are a couple gifts I made. First up is a crocheted shawl I made for my Japanese sister, a crocheted shawl and nuno felted scarf. The two purple scarfs are nuno felted for Gypsy girl and Boy toy, then tango girl got the web scarf with silk sari and metallic threads running through. Last is for our countess who travels the world. It’s beautiful colors with felted strip running down the middle of chiffon. I had a lot of fun making these gifts for everyone.

I’m bringing back my celebration tree, only in small version. I’ve had this metal ornament tree for years and haven’t used it. SO…now it’s in use. Here is my January 2015 celebration with snowmen and icicles. I am looking forward to redecorating it every month this year.

I have my planner ready to go, my words for the year and feeling like life is good. Ready to get healthy, happy and moving. How about you?

This week…


I’ve been working on this piece of fabric (bottom photo) to make a matching handbag to my cowl and hat. I will add the finished product soon! Need a refresher course on blogging, LOL. DO SOMETHING CREATIVE EVERYDAY! .  

Site News and updates


First bit of news is… if you look over to your right, under “follow me” I have two new links. I am linking to the site photos and over time it will be fun to see all the beautiful things that come through the site. It’s set up now as a slide show. I will probably change that later as the photos grow. I plan on getting back to my site now, lots of things to do, lots of things to see and LOTS of things to share. I will be taking things slow, not like last time.

Second bit of news, under the photos link you will see a “Creative Vi Videos”. This link gives me so much joy, I just can’t tell you how happy I was to find these videos. These are all the videos I had on my web site last year before the big crash. My heart sings that they are not lost. I hope to start adding to them again. I have some fun ideas and adventures to share in the future. So with that said I’m going to share one of my most favorite of all times…I just LOVE this little girl. Destiny, take it away…

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